63 thoughts on “During today’s Christmas party, in what areas of your inner self, you experienced…. open self, blind self, hidden self & closed self??”

  1. im feeling happy. on that day i was absent. iā€™m open self because when i going for any party withou shy, fear . fear means if any person say about me.


  2. During the time of the Christmas party, in the beginning, i felt that i was an introvert personality coz i felt shy when mam asked us to dance, and when i saw others dancing i got filled with enthusiasm and just wanted to dance either alone or with friends. And then i got changed into an open personality.
    Thanks to PD facilitator.


  3. when it comes to parties and dance i am the person who is always ahead… but at the day of christmas party i found myself as hidden self as something was disturbing me internally due to that i was just sitting in one corner and watching everyone enjoying.. but i enjoyed watching everyone happy and dancing…šŸ˜Š


  4. During the Christmas party the areas of inner areas that I have experienced is open self . As I have realized that I am okk you are okk. Win win situation. Adult like behavior. For example I have opened my creativeness to decorate the Christmas tree. I got the responsibility to organize this in my batch. To make the day more memorable and happy I have planned that the santa caps should be weared by all the students. And we have played games in the party and enjoyed a lot by dancing and have fun. šŸ˜Š


  5. During the christmas party in starting time i was shy . After sometime i was feel i am open self without shy and fear i was enjoy .


  6. Firstfall a very big thanks….. to all our institute teachers staff for this Christmas party .,who gaves us lot of happiness that day……..
    And about Christmas party I would like to say that ..,that day I fully experienced myself open-self I enjoy all the moments ,very happy and lot of fun with my friends and also with our teachers.


  7. On christmas party i was absent. Bt whenever i attend a party in the beginning i feel very shy , uncomfortable bt later on I enjoy every moment of that party and I experience open self .


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